“This office and all staff members are so professional and polite. My pain level has truly been manageable since doing acupuncture I would highly recommend this office to anyone with any kind of pain.”

-Sharon B. (2019)


“I met Dr. Katz and his team 1 year ago. His entire team are caring professionals that are extremely knowledgable. I came to them in bad shape from an workers comp injury. They treated me about 2 months or a little less then that. The front office staff were amazing and I felt they were genuine. Dr. Katz and his team had me at 80% back to myself December 2016. I didn’t complete my treatment all because of my workers comp insurance for some strange reason closed my claim.  Dr. Katz took his time explain to me about how he’s going to treat me for my condition. I almost felt like I was in a class as his student how he explained to me about my condition and what he would do to try to help me. I would go to only him for the future for myself and my family.”

-Crystal P. (2017)


“Doctor Katz and his knowledgeable pain management team, have been caring for my back injury needs for the past year. I was very skeptical that acupuncture would not work for me, never having had it previously. I have seen firsthand, starting with Anna at the front window, the personal 1 on 1 treatment that Dr. Katz and his staff attentively give each individual as a patient. Dr. Katz is very thorough in his diagnosis and his treatment with Acupuncture techniques to improve circulation and provide stimulated healing. That combined with Physical Therapy methods and stretches have helped see me through a most difficult back injury. I could barely stand up straight in the beginning, I virtually have no pain in my lower back, or left leg now. At this time I’m being seen for severe hip pain,  as my right hip is bone to bone. My general practitioner has scheduled me for hip replacement surgery. The techniques that Dr. Katz and Dr. Jim are using on me have virtually taken the pain from a 9/10 down to 0/1, in the 8 weeks I’ve been seen this time. The pain that I do have now is manageable, and I have quality of life again.”

-Robert B. (2017)


“Dr. Katz is the most kind and intuitive acupuncturist.  He is very holistic, seeing the whole person, not just the pain. He takes the time to really listen to you, and understand how you feel.  I recommend Dr. Katz and his amazing team without reservation.  From your first contact with the warm and wonderful, Anna, over the phone and in person, you can sense the high level of caring and attention in this highly patient-centered environment.  You feel this the moment you meet Dr. Katz and all of his friendly and supportive staff.  His office is lovely, peaceful, and clean.  They have plenty of parking and are right off the freeway.  If you are in pain, I highly recommend Dr. Katz and his team.  They will help you find comfort, and even give you ways to continue taking care of yourself at home.  They very knowledgeable and even give you exercises that can relieve your pain, and help you participate in the healing process, very empowering!   You can tell that their patients are their priority by the time they spend with you.  They never rush, and always takes the time to help you feel better.  Dr. Katz and his team are more like the good old fashioned doctors that made house visits, they give you the same level of care and attention as though you were their only patient!  Dr. Katz, his loving family, Rudy, Dr. Dan and all of his wonderful staff make each visit special.  You can see that they truly care about each of their patients, they are a blessing!   Warmest thanks to Dr. Katz, his precious family, and amazing staff, they are the very best!”

-Lisa O. (2017)


“My first time visiting this office and meeting Dr. Katz, Dr. Rudy and their staff, Anna and Kathy surely left me with a caring and professional option about their office.
I was struggling with finding an acupuncturist that would accept my insurance and quite frankly would show up to my scheduled appointments and not cancel at the last minute.
When I arrived I explained my situation to Anna the office assistant, she was very companionate and she quickly spoke with the office manager, Kathy, about my situation with my insurance and the approval for the treatment that had expired. Kathy immediately Could see on my face how frustrated I was and went out of her way, justice like Anna, to calm my mind and work on how to get the proper approval from my insurance.

Dr. Katz was not evening technically working that day and when he heard what I had been through he stayed to listened to my concerns and truly was interested about my health and how he could help me with my life terrible pain and lack of mobility in my back, hips, legs, and feet.

He made me feel so very special and not just a number. He took his time learning about my injuries and thoroughly explained everything he was doing, how the needles would feel just like a little pinch, and why a specific procedure was necessary to get me toward walking normally and not like a robot. He gave me hope!

I would highly recommend this office for your acupuncture and health needs.”

-Lisa C. (2017)




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